The average length of time for orthodontic treatment is between 12 and 24 months. But having orthodontic treatment doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold. Far from it in fact, because at Origin Orthodontics we can straighten your teeth without you needing to come in for regular appointments.

We do this using dental monitoring, revolutionary orthodontic software that connects with an app on your smartphone.

How does dental monitoring work?

Dental monitoring is ideal if you travel a lot, either for work or pleasure – or both! With dental monitoring, you don’t need to organise your travel around your orthodontic appointments. Instead, we can set you up with dental monitoring so all you need to do is send us a weekly photo of your smile.

Yes, it really is that easy to get straight teeth here at Origin Orthodontics in the heart of London.

Setting up dental monitoring

To get set up with dental monitoring you first need to come in for a consultation. We need to assess your orthodontic needs and plan for treatment. We’ll take x-rays and photographs and use these to create your tailored treatment plan. This part of the process is important because it is this plan we use to track your treatment against the photos you send through via the dental monitoring app.

Once we’ve planned your treatment and fitted you with your Invisalign aligners, you’ll need to follow these three simple steps:

  • Download the Dental Monitoring GoLive app to your smartphone.
  • Take weekly selfies of your smile as per the app instructions.
  • Send the photos through to us at the clinic.

Every week when we receive your dental monitoring photos we will compare the position of your teeth in the photo with your treatment plan we have in the clinic. If your teeth are correctly positioned as the treatment plan has scheduled then you don’t need to come in for a check-up. Just send us another selfie next week and we’ll continue to monitor your treatment progress, from wherever in the world you may be.

Smart solution to orthodontic treatment

Dental monitoring has enabled us to offer you even greater flexibility with your treatment and there are so many benefits to using dental monitoring:

  • Fewer appointments to book into your busy schedule
  • No need to plan travel around your orthodontic treatment
  • Regular monitoring of your teeth to ensure your treatment is tracking as planned
  • Greater communication with our team
  • Faster treatment time and great results

Dental monitoring and Invisalign

At the moment we only use dental monitoring with Invisalign. If you are currently receiving Invisalign treatment or would like to start your Invisalign journey, give our friendly team a call today and find out how dental monitoring can help your smile.

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