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Before and afters

A smile can make a world of difference. See the difference orthodontic treatment has made in the smiles of our patients at Origin Orthodontics.

Case 1

We are thrilled to share another incredible success story from our orthodontic practice that has us beaming with joy!

Witnessing the before-and-after transformation is a testament to the positive impact that orthodontic intervention can have on both oral health and self-esteem. Our patient's commitment to the treatment process and their trust in our expertise were key ingredients in achieving this remarkable outcome.

Behind every transformed smile lies not only the science of orthodontics but also the human connection that makes our practice so special. Our team is genuinely invested in our patients' well-being, and their smiles are the most rewarding tokens of our shared journey. We take pride in being a part of these life-changing experiences and are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our community's oral health and happiness.

As we celebrate another success today, we are reminded of our mission to create healthy, confident smiles that last a lifetime. Every smile we transform emboldens us to continue our pursuit of excellence and innovation in orthodontic care.

To our incredible patient: Your new smile is more than just aligned teeth; it's a reflection of your determination, our expertise, and the collaborative spirit that defines our practice. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey towards a brighter, more radiant smile!

If you're looking to embark on your own smile transformation journey, we're here for you.

Contact us today to discover the possibilities and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Together, we'll create another great smile to cherish and celebrate!

Case 2

Treatment Overview

Severe crowding
Midline deviation with the teeth in the lower arch drifted to the left side

What did it take?

This was a complex orthodontic case with many challenges:

We had to approach treatment with comprehensive orthodontics given the complexity with extractions and clear braces by americanorthodontics

Some reshaping was also needed to mask the worn edges of the teeth and to hide some dark spacing at the gum level.

And finally enlightensmiles Tooth whitening to help get a white smile with a shade beyond B1.

We could not have done this without a dedicated patient who stuck with the journey and plan all the way over the last few years of treatment. Thank you for putting your faith in the Origin team
We love your smile

Case 3

Treatment Overview

Deep Overbite
Gummy Smile
Narrow Smile
Jaw Misalignment

We were delighted with today’s smile reveal and especially knowing we had exceeded our lovely patients expectations, “I never thought I could achieve such a good result”.

We had a number of challenges to achieving this transformation:

With a little help from @dr.usmanqortho we embarked upon a combined treatment approach of both lingual braces and clear braces to manage both comfort and budget.

No surgery or extractions!!!

For many of our patients treatment often involves finding a balance between the best of different types of braces and we often consider mixing of systems to either achieve greater efficiency in treatment, minimise treatment risks, to manage appearances during treatment and also sometimes to manage costs.

Whether Lingual and Clear braces or Invisalign and Braces there are so many combinations that might help a patient in certain scenarios.

If you are interested in treatment with us please do DM us or contact us on info@origin-orthodontics.co.uk.

Case 4

Class II malocclusion

Severe upper crowding
Centreline deviation
Deep Overbite and CrossBite

Treatment time 11-months

Case 5

Skeletal III

Moderate crowding
Lower dental midline is deviated 5mm to the left
Bilateral Cross-bite (Narrow bite)

Treatment time 20-months

As a teenager for a short while I wanted to be an architect designing the most symmetrical football stadiums and skyscrapers the world has ever seen! I guess that lives on in orthodontics
Cosmetically the symmetry of the upper midline has a greater bearing on dental attractiveness ratings (Johnston et al 1999) however functionally improving the lower dental midline can have a significant impact on the overall bite relationship too!
Whilst not quite perfect correction - significant improvement both aesthetically and functionally!

Case 6

Treatment overview

Clear Aligner Therapy with INVISALIGN 12 months (20 Active Aligners, 10 refinements)
Attachments with bite ramps behind upper incisors to aid overbite correction
Whitening & Composite Bonding U4-4
Long term retention with both fixed and removable retainers.

We loved seeing this result come to fruition today. Will has been a star patient who was concerned with his severe spacing. We completed Clear Aligner Therapy with Invisalign, using attachments to idealise the space and overbite to support his dentist Dr Ed Li @theabcdentist who completed the composite bonding to restore the shape and smile perfectly! Multidisciplinary treatment requires team-work and close interaction between the orthodontist and cosmetic dentist in this case. I like to review the orthodontic goals with my dentists before we start treatment to ensure we are all on the same page.

Case 7

Treatment Overview

A crossbite can occur in the front or back of the mouth and can involve one or more teeth. It can be caused by several factors, including genetics, habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, or the abnormal growth of teeth or jaws.

A crossbite can cause a range of problems, including difficulty biting and chewing, jaw pain, and uneven wear of the teeth. It can also lead to misaligned teeth and an unbalanced facial appearance. Left untreated, a crossbite can result in more serious dental and orthodontic problems over time.

Treatment time: 16 months

Here we corrected the cross-bite successfully with the following treatment:

Non extraction treatment with upper arch dental expansion & interproximal reduction to create space
Upper and Lower customised aligners and precision attachments
33 Initial Aligners with two phases of refinement (18/9)
Long term retention fixed and removable retainers
Tooth whitening and composite bonding (to mask gum spaces) with her referring dentist.

Case 8

Treatment Overview

  • The UR3 was ankylosed (fused to the bone)
  • Instead of the canine erupting the entire upper arch started to intrude (lift up wards) leaving an extensive open bite and reducing the overall amount of tooth visible on smiling.

This takes time for any clinician not least when you take over another colleague’s treatment but also patients need time to understand their complications and process the treatment options and limitations.


What did we do:

  • Surgical removal of the impacted UR3
  • Reverse the movements to close the bite down through a combination of elastics and repositioning of brackets to aid extrusion.
  • The UR2-UL2 were inverted to reverse proclination that had occurred during the initial space opening phase and to achieve a more upright incisor labial inclination to improve tooth display on smiling.
  • Implant replacement of UR3 was going to be complex due to extensive bone loss in a young patient, so a pontic was added to the archwire to hide the missing UR3 and to aid ridge modification in preparation for bridgework.
  • Exceptional restorative support with Dr Ed Li @theabcdentist All porcelain resin bonded bridgework and pink porcelain to mask the ridge defect, and some aesthetic incisal edge bonding not to mention
  • 12 months orthodontic recovery plan now complete and a beautiful smile.

Case 9

Treatment Overview

He presented with number of clinical challenges which tested our Invisalign Clear Aligner system to the maximum.

  • Skeletal III with an increased vertical dimension and a Class III occlusion.
  • Mild upper arch crowding.
  • Cross-Bite UR5-UL1 with a displacement of the lower jaw forwards 1mm
  • Lower midline shift to the left of 2mm

Treatment time: 41 months

We had a number of treatment options here but being keen to avoid surgery and extractions we completed the following treatment:

  • Upper and Lower arch Clear aligners
  • Dental Expansion of the upper arch and contraction of the lower to aid cross bite correction.
  • IPR - Interproximal reduction in the lower arch for space creation.
  • Class III elastic and vertical settling elastics to improve molar inter-digitation. I like to use steel buttons posteriorly and anteriorly either composite buttons made chairside or ceramic buttons.
  • Remote Monitoring with Dental Monitoring.
  • Duration 3.5 years (a little pandemic got in the way) with multiple refinements. Close to 300 aligners in total!

The majority of my patients require 2-3 refinements but in this case multiple refinements were needed to help ensure the bite relationship was comfortable. Often the bite will settle with retainers but sometimes one has to go the extra mile.

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