Retention is the most important phase of your orthodontic treatment journey.

On average, orthodontic treatment takes between 18 and 24 months. Yes, this is a significant time to commit to treatment but, believe us, the results are worth the wait. Once your braces have been removed, we want to ensure your teeth don’t return to their original position. Fortunately, we can avoid this with a retainer. 

Retention and retainers

Retainers are worn at the very end of your treatment. This phase is known as the retention phase and, if you ask us, it’s the most important phase of your orthodontic treatment journey. Without it, the time and effort we have all put into your treatment – you included – could be for nothing, if your teeth start to move again. 

At Origin Orthodontics, we use two different types of retainers, but we’ll recommend the best one for you during treatment.  

  • Retainers
  • Retainers
  • Retainers

Types of retainers

  • Removable retainers: This first type of retainer is made from clear, plastic material and looks like a thin sports mouthguard, much like an Invisalign aligner does. It’s removable, so you can take it out to eat, brush and floss, but for the first three months at least you’ll need to wear it full-time, both day and night. After that initial period is over, we’ll assess your teeth and advise you when you can start wearing it just at night. 
  • Fixed retainers: The other type of retainer we use is a fixed retainer. This consists of just a thin wire which is fixed to the back of your teeth. This wire keeps your teeth in position. Once it’s fitted you won’t have to worry about it. Just keep your regular oral hygiene routine up (we’ll give you some top tips for cleaning your teeth while wearing a fixed retainer) and you won’t even notice it’s there. 

Straight teeth for life

As we mentioned earlier, retention is the most important phase of your orthodontic treatment. Therefore, it’s important you are committed to this phase as part of your treatment journey. If you have any questions about retainers, please contact our friendly reception team.

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