At Origin Orthodontics, the team is committed to delivering the very best results for our patients. Every one of our patients requires different treatment; no two smiles or sets of teeth are the same. To achieve the best smile for each of you, we use the latest orthodontic technology. 

Orthodontic technologies

The orthodontic industry is an exciting industry to be in. There is always a new technique being developed, an old technique being refined, discussions around the latest innovation and ideas about different ways to treat patients that will ultimately achieve better results than ever before. 

  • iTero Element
  • iTero Element
  • iTero Element

At Origin Orthodontics, this forward-thinking approach is part of the reason we enjoy what we do. Being able to use different orthodontic technologies for the benefit of our patients is exciting and rewarding, both for us and for you. We use a range of orthodontic devices, systems, software and machines to ensure you receive the very best treatment possible. 

Benefits of orthodontic technologies

  • More precise impressions meaning a more detailed treatment plan for you
  • More accurate results at the end of your treatment
  • Faster treatment time – orthodontic technology can speed up treatment
  • More comfortable treatment experience – technology can lessen the impact of treatment on your teeth
  • Great smile – technology gives us precision which ensures your smile is the very best! 

Find out more about how we use orthodontic technologies here at Origin Orthodontics at your free video consultation.

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