Preparing your child for a future with straight, healthy teeth. 

We all want the best start in life for our children, but have you thought about the best start you can give to the health of their teeth? At Origin Orthodontics, we can help you establish an effective oral hygiene routine that will ensure your children can look forward to straight, healthy teeth in the future. 

Early orthodontic consultation

Here in the UK, it is recommended that children have a consultation with a specialist orthodontist around the age of seven. At this stage of a child’s development, adult teeth have started to appear, but your child’s jaw is still soft and supple, which means problems can be easily identified and resolved. 

As specialist orthodontists, we’re not just concerned about straightening our patients’ teeth. We also look at the positioning of your jaws to ensure they are aligned correctly, and that there is enough space in your mouth for your teeth. 

If we identify the need for orthodontic treatment at your child’s early consultation with us, we can help to minimise the extent of treatment they may need in their teenage years, by fitting a functional appliance. 

  • Orthodontic treatment for children
  • Orthodontic treatment for children
  • Orthodontic treatment for children

What is a functional appliance?

A functional appliance is often used to treat children who have prominent upper front teeth. The problem is usually caused by an imbalance in the jaw position. In a growing child, a functional brace can be used to help create a more harmonious facial profile by guiding the way the upper and lower front teeth bite together.

How do functional appliances work?

At Origin Orthodontics, we favour the Twin Block brace, a removable brace that guides the lower jaw forward while restraining the upper jaw. It is a most effective way of correcting prominent front teeth. It is also a well tolerated brace; once patients have adapted to their Twin Blocks it is a very comfortable treatment option.

Braces for children

Once your child has completed their treatment with a functional appliance, it is likely they will need to wear fixed braces to straighten their teeth, though it is likely your child’s treatment time with braces will be reduced because they wore the functional appliance. Braces may be fitted immediately after the first phase of treatment, or at a later date.

At Origin Orthodontics, we will ensure your child is fitted with the orthodontic brace most appropriate for their treatment needs. 

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